Gift ideas

Giving with taste

When it comes to customer gifts, you always need something new. And there are clever gift ideas left! Get out of your old habits.

We have something extraordinary for you: Ardennes ham from Belgium, famous for its culinary affinity with the gourmet land No. 1 – France.

Smoked according to tradition

Take a good look at our offer and try out a different kind of tasteful gift giving.

I personally guarantee the perfect quality of our Ardennes ham.

Gifting and shipping of the hams poses no risk to the quality, perishability and later consumption of these specialties.

1/2 Original
Ardennes ham on the bone
without bone

In a handy gift box
Matured for 9 months

Genuss Box

Ardennes ham,
1/2 Ardennes salami,
Ardennes liver pâté