Give gifts with flavour!

When it comes to gifts for customers, people are always looking for something new.

And there are still new, smart gift ideas! Out with the old stuff.


We have something unusual for you: Ardennes Ham from Belgium, the country of the gourmand, which is famous for its culinary affinity with Gourmet Country No. 1 – France.

Take your time to have a look at our products and simply try another form of tasty gift.

I give you my personal guarantee of the perfect quality of our Ardennes ham.


Giving ham as gifts and sending it entails no risk to the quality, shelf life or later consumption of these specialities.


The ham is smoked with beechwood and juniper berries according to ancient inherited tradition.



Tasty Ardennes gift


  • Ardennes Nut Ham
  • Ardennes Salami
  • Ardennes Liver Pâté
  • Ardennes Meat Pâté




1/2 Original Ardennes Nut Ham, in gift carton

Cured for 5 months



Original Ardennes Nut Ham, in gift carton

Cured for 5 months



1/2 Original Ardennes Centre Cut Ham, in gift carton

Cured for 5 months

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