A warm welcome to the Ardennes ...

Here in Montenau, a small village in the heart of the eastern Belgian High Ardennes, is the home of our Original Ardennes Ham.

We ensure consistently high quality according to ancient tradition with expertise and artisanal care.

Quality controlled from the start. That is the principle observed by our committed staff and of our company philosophy.

Strict attention, right from the boning of the fresh ham, as is the principle in all phases of production.

Original Ardennes Ham, still painstakingly hand-produced as it has been for generations.


Time is an important ingredient.

The ham is smoked with beechwood and juniper berries according to ancient inherited tradition.


It is only after a production time of 6 months that the fresh ham becomes an Original Ardennes Ham from Montenau.


Montenauer, “The Original Ardennes Ham Producer"





The Montenauer Schinkenräucherei means a family company in which the father and son working together. We personally guarantee the quality of our hams of the Ardennes. 

Klaus et Sascha Rohs

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